About Ajax



Ever since AJAX Metal Processing, Inc. opened for business in 1967, the company has been dedicated to developing highly specialized metal processing services for virtually every industry. What began with a single customer has grown into a stellar reputation for quality best defined by our diverse global customer base. AJAX is built on a foundation of nearly 40 years of optimum efficiency through the utilization of state-of-the-art equipment, materials, and personnel.

  • 1967 AJAX Wire Division begins annealing operations in Warren, MI
  • 1974 AJAX Division begins operations in Detroit, MI
  • 1977 AJAX Heat Treat Division begins operations in Detroit, MI
  • 1987 AJAX Locking & Sealing Division begins operations in Detroit, MI
  • 1988 AJAX Co-Generation Powerhouse begins providing steam & electricity to Detroit, MI facilities
  • 1988 AJAX Locking & Sealing Division receives first combined LocTite & 3M application licenses
  • 1991 AJAX Laboratory Services receives A2LA accreditation
  • 1993 AJAX High Spherodization batch furnaces begin operation in Warren, MI Wire Processing facility
  • 2003 AJAX Heat Treat Division capacity reaches 250,000,000 pounds per year
  • 2004 AJAX Plating Division begins production with first continuous plate, bake, & coating line
  • 2013 AJAX Locking & Sealing Division receives Precote┬« USA application license