All AJAX facilities are supported by the A2LA accredited {Certificate 0221.01}  AJAX Laboratory Services. Internationally recognized suppliers of metal finishing applications have fully licensed and authorized AJAX to apply their products due in part to our thorough quality control procedures. Historic data and process monitoring systems are integrated across all services to capture critical operating parameters. Our stable processes, time-proven metal finishing protocols, and precise distribution structures equate to continuous adaptation and improvement.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered Quality System
  • A2LA Accredited {Certificate 0221.01} Testing Laboratories
  • Ford Q-1 Award
  • Ford Motor Company’s Heat Treatment “Preferred Supplier Award”
  • GM & Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Approved Plating Source

Heat Treating Lab
Depth of Carburization
(Microscopic & Microhardness Methods)
SAE J423
Depth of Decarburization
(Microscopic & Microhardness Methods)
ASTM E384, E92, E1077, F2328
Hardness (Rockwell C, 15N, 30N)ASTM E18, F606/F606M
Hardness (Vickers 300g)ASTM E384, E92
Proof Load (Externally Threaded Fasteners)ASTM F606/F606M; SAE J429
Sample PreparationASTM E3
Tension Testing of Fasteners (Axial & Wedge)
ASTM F606/F606M; SAE J429
Plating Lab
Thickness by X-ray FluorescenceASTM B568
Thickness by Eddy CurrentASTM E376
Verification of Phosphate Coating Weight (Difference)ASTM B767
Salt Spray (Fog)ASTM B117
Lock/Seal Lab
Adhesive Torque TestingIFI 125/525
Torque TensionFord WZ-100, 101;
GMW 3044, 3200, 4700;
SAE J174, J174M;
USCAR 10, 11