Zinc Nickel



Our Detroit, Michigan operation is proud to be one of only a few North American finishers approved to apply the MacDermid ZinKlad 1000 Zinc Nickel alloy plating process. This popular finish is an alloy composition of 12 – 15% nickel, with the remainder being zinc. The resulting plating provides exceptional sacrificial corrosion resistance and is followed by a chromate and topcoat application. Zinc Nickel is plated from an alkaline electrolyte solution.

The benefits of the ZinKlad Zinc Nickel plating process are:

  • Specified and approved by many automobile manufacturers
  • Excellent corrosion resistance – SST performance of 240 hours to white corrosion and 1000 hours to red rust
  • Hexavalent chromium free passivates
  • Available in Clear (Silver) and Black variations
  • A high gloss (HG) Black option
  • Frictional properties can be modified with MacDermid Torque ‘N’ Tension fluids post plating

Ajax has multiple work centers producing the ZinKlad 1000 process. Call us today or send an inquiry to quote@ajaxmetal.com!